„Against occupation and fascism,
for the free and better life,
we will #RiseUp4Rojava and we will #DefendKurdistan“






Today, on the 6th June 2022, after we had to postpone two times before, the first working brigade, consisting of 25 volunteers from 8 different countries, tried to cross the border to Rojava to realize the planned program of 21-days workshops, sightseeing and collective work in local cooperatives. Unfortunately they were not given permission by the KDP-officials on the border to cross and had to return. This was not something completely unexpected for us, as we know very well about KDP’s role in the political and economical embargo that is imposed on Rojava and KDP’s collaboration with the turkish fascist state. Still we were hoping that KDP may show some sign of „good-will“ and to allow this project to happen and by this to show the will to strengthen inner-kurdish cooperation and international solidarity. This did not happen, but we are determined to continue our collective effort to break the embargo on Rojava and to defend the achievments of the struggle of the people of the region against occupation, exploitation and misery. Especially in the light of the new threats made by Erdogan against Rojava and the informations that reach us about the growing participation of KDP in the attacks against the kurdish freedom movement it is more important than ever before that we intensify our struggle in support of the resistance against occupation and the building of an alternative life. Solidarity between the people and international friendship is our answer to the injustice of KDP and Turkey.


We condemn the KDP’s collaboration with Turkey, instead of serving the benefit of the people of the region. We condemn KDP’s hostility towards Rojava and the freedom movement. We stand in solidarity with the people in all parts of Kurdistan struggling and resisting for their basic human rights.


For this reason we renew our call for everybody to participate in the next Working Brigade in mid-July, to celebrate together the 10th anniversary of the Rojava-Revolution! Let us together break the embargo and together work communally for a better life!

            → For registration: Write to [email protected] until 30th June, 2022.




With regards and respect,


Network for International Friendship,


03.06.2022 – Registration for the international Working Brigades now!

Dear comrades,


ten years ago, on the 19th of July 2012, the people of Rojava, North-East Syria, started to take power and liberate their land to build up a society based on the values of democracy, ecology and womens liberation. In an area where war has been waged for decades, it became our light of hope for an alternative life apart from the state-system, oppression and violence. Since then, the Revolution has been put under constant threat mainly by the turkish state, supported by the imperialist forces. The war of the turkish army and the collaborating KDP, a major power in the KRG, against the kurdish freedom movement in the mountains has come to it’s highest level, with the extensive use of chemical gases and drone strikes on a daily basis. Rojava itself is confronted with artillery strikes and drone-assassinations every day, while Turkey announces the next invasion of our territory by their forces and jihadist mercenaries, like they did already in Efrîn, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. The aim of our enemies is not just to occupy Rojava but to destroy the kurdish liberation movement and by this to destroy the hope of an alternative life, the idea of socialism in the 21st century. To make us accept, that there is no life besides capitalist exploitation and oppression. That there is no self-determination of the people if you don’t play by their rules. So it is not just an attack against the kurdish people and the people of Rojava, but against all people around the world believing that another world is possible. It is an attack to destroy our hope. To achieve that, our enemies try to isolate us from each other, to separate our struggles, and Rojava itself has been put under embargo for almost ten years now, with all bordering countries building walls around Rojava to cut us off from the rest of the world.

Our answer to this has to be internationalism. Only with the brother- and sisterhood of the peoples, with international solidarity, with democratic autonomy, with womens liberation and in unity with our land and it’s ecology, can we defend this revolution and will be able to break the isolation that was built upon Rojava. Today, with Turkey’s announcement of a new invasion it is more important than ever to stand together as internationalists to defend the achievements of the Revolution! In a time of climate crisis, war and genocide it is our responsibility and duty to defend these values. We call upon you, democrats, socialist, revolutionaries, internationalists and truth-seekers all over the world to come to Rojava as part of the Working Brigades to defend the Revolution and to connect our struggles with each other. To build up a free communal life. Together we will defend Rojava and make the anniversary of the Revolution the year in which we will lead the Revolution to it’s Victory.

We prepared a 21-day program in which you will get to know Rojava and its important and meaningful places, see different kinds of Workshops and education, put solidarity into practice by working in cooperatives and local villages and break the economical and political embargo on Rojava! The Brigade will take place from the 13th of July until the 6th of August. For registration write us an E-Mail until the 30th of June to [email protected] We are looking forward to hearing from you.