Over the course of history,  there have been multiple successful examples of international solidarity through voluntary work.
We want to contribute to this history and combine it with the revolutionary spirit of Rojava.
Here, we want to give you an overview about what other voluntary working brigades have achieved  as well as what you need to know about Rojava before you get actively involved.

Since its beginning, the Rojava revolution has faced many challenges.
Besides the constant military threat from Turkey and islamist militias, the people of North and East Syria face extreme economic pressure.
Thanks to great effords by the Autonomous Administration to create unique and creative answers to these attacks, Rojava remained the economically most stable region of Syria throughout the war

The Cuban people gathered great experience in internationalist solidarity by organizing workers brigades since the 1960’s.
Until today 55.000 brigade members from all around the world have traveled to Cuba and learned about the reality of the people as well as the achievments of the revolution.

Over the course of time, many initiatives brought internationalist volunteers to Palestine. One of them being the annual youth-organized Farkha-Festival, where local and internationalist activists work and spend time together to raise awareness and develop solutions, not only for the Palestinian people but for global challenges and a new way of live as well.